1st JULY 2023 : DUBLIN.

Save the Date!


Join us for the biggest and most EXCITING pro-life event of the year – the All-Ireland RALLY FOR LIFE – as pro-life people from across the country join together to Stand for Life.

We’re marching to celebrate Life, to demand a better answer than abortion  for mothers and babies, and to be a voice for the almost 7,000 babies whose lives are ended each year. 

The overturning of Roe v Wade in the U.S. has shown pro-lifers everywhere the value of staying the course, of keeping the light lit for the pro-life message. 

The Rally theme for 2023 is to remind the government that Protecting Children is Protecting the Future, and that we need to offer women REAL choices, not abortion. 

And we also Stand for Life – for the families of babies with disabilities who are being pressured to abort their beautiful children. For the pro-life doctors and nurses fighting for conscience rights.  To continue our campaign for that the 3 day period of reflection before abortion, which could  save almost 900 babies each year, is retained.

Rally for Life 2023 will assemble at 2pm on Saturday 1st July at the Garden of Remembrance on Parnell Square in Dublin city centre.

Come to celebrate life and to be a witness with thousands of others for LIFE. 

The Rally is a family-friendly day for the national pro-life movement to be re-energised and strengthened by coming together. BE THERE! 



Get your leaflets, spread the word!

We have leaflets for distribution now, get in touch and we will send them to you or you can collect from the office. info@thelifeinstitute.net!



Isabel Vaughan Spruce

Isabel Vaughan-Spruce was arrested at Christmas for silently praying at an abortion centre in Birmingham. The arrest made national news and the video of same went viral. She has now been formally acquitted, and her courage is an inspiration to all those concerned with protecting Life, free speech and civil rights. Isabel is co-director of March for Life UK which she runs with her friends, Ben and Sarah Thatcher. She is also campaign director of 40 Days for Life in Birmingham.



Sharon Keogan

Senator  Keogan made history in the local election in 2019 by becoming the first woman to win 2 municipal area seats in the same County. A formidable businesswoman and politician who is straight-talking and effective at delivering for the needs of her constituencies – people matter most. She has stood up for the right to life of the unborn within the Seanad, and is a passionate advocate for the re-establishment of the unborn as human persons, worthy of respect.


Mattie McGrath, TD

Mattie  is a long standing independent pro-life TD for the Tipperary constituency. Mattie has been consistently calling out the establishment in regards to their treatment of both the unborn and those who defend their right to life.



Dr Trevor Hayes, OBGYN

Dr Hayes is a Consultant Obstetrician and Gynaecologist working in St Luke’s Hospital, Kilkenny. He has continually spoken out in defence of the right to life of the unborn and urged the people of Ireland to vote NO to abortion in 2018. More recently, he has stressed the importance of retaining the 3 Day Wait.


Conor O’Dowd

Conor O’Dowd is a college student and chef. As a man with Down Syndrome, he has been outspoken in defence of unborn babies diagnosed with the same disability in Ireland, who are at a significantly increased risk of being aborted due to having Down Syndrome. In December 2022 he wrote a letter to the master of the Rotunda – Dr Fergal Malone – urging him to “save babies”, as Malone admitted to a 95% abortion rate for babies diagnosed with Down Syndrome.


Garden of Remembrance, Parnell Square is situated at the top of O’Connell Street

On Foot

Head north on O’Connell Bridge toward Bachelors Walk/R105/R148 Continue onto O’Connell Street Lower and Upper Turn right onto Parnell St, continue onto Parnell Square, Garden of Remembrance is on your left


Getting there by Car from the M50

Take the N1 exit toward City Centre/Dublin Port. Continue onto N1. Turn left onto Gardiner Street Upper/R802Continue to follow R802 Turn right onto Parnell St/R803Continue to follow Parnell St. Turn right onto Parnell Square West


Getting there by Public Transport

Lots of busses and the Luas service Dublin City Centre and O’Connell Street

Busses (this will be updated regularly) PRE-BOOKING IS ESSENTIAL, Please ring!



YOU CAN HELP right now

#WeStandForLife  #Rallyforlife   #Marchforlife


Please help us to promote the Rally for Life to make sure its on everyone’s calendar for July 2022! Sign up and we will add you to the volunteer list!

  • Are you GRAPHIC DESIGNER or someone who has SOCIAL MEDIA SKILLS?
  • DISTRIBUTE LEAFLETS or hang a Poster in your church or club
  • PUBLISH it on your website, blog or in your parish or church newsletter
  • BE THERE on the day and ask others to come

#WeStandForLife  #Rallyforlife   #Marchforlife

Photographer or Videographer

Are you a photographer, videographer or have experience in editing and want to help promote a culture of life? Send us a email or contact us via social media, we’d really appreciate your help!


Have you a Truck / Float or Lorry?

For postering, bringing stuff to the Rally starting and end points is always a challenge and we’d love to give the message of life even greater visibility with floats and decorated trucks. Is that something you can help with? Send us an email or contact us on Social media!


Are you a musician or an entertainer?

Are you a musician, a singer or in a band? Send us an email or contact us on Social media!


The All Ireland Rally for Life is the largest annual national pro-life event in Ireland which seeks to protect the right to life of every person. It does not espouse any other cause or platform and the organisers ask all participants to participate in a spirit of generosity to unborn children and women with unexpected pregnancies. We ask all those in attendance to support the aim and message of the day. With that in mind, we ask that materials and leaflets pertaining to other causes, events or organisations are not distributed on the day.


SEAS AR SON NA BEATHA Fós beo, fós daonna,tá do ghuth fós ag teastáil uaithi. Ar an Satharn, 1ú Iúil, bí leis na mílte eile ag Seasamh ar son na Beatha ag an imeacht bliaintiúil is mó in Éirinn ag tacú leis an gceart don bheatha do GACH duine, go h-áirithe dóibh siúd is lú agus is leochailí, linbh gan bhreith. Tar chuig an Ollslógadh mar ní féidir le h-aon vóta ná aon acht parlaiminte marú linbh leanbh a dhéanamh cóir. Tar ann le freagra níos fearr a éileamh do mháithreacha agus linbh. Tá sé mar chuspóir freisin ag an Ollslógadh an chéad ghlúin eile a ghríosú le seasamh ar son na beatha agus an cultúr a athrú. Bí linn ar an 1ú Iúil le :

  • Do fhreasúra a léiriu i gcoinne dlí ghinmhillte barbartha Simon Harris.
  • Do thacaíocht a léiriú do ghairmithe leighis atá i gcoinne an ghinmhillte agus ar mian leat a bheith saor chun dul i gcoinne an ghinmhillte ar bhonn choinsiasa.
  • Do thacaíocht a léiriú do mhná atá ag súil gan choinne nó atá i gcúinsí deacra.
  • Léirimís gur féidir réiteach níos fearr a thabhairt dóibh ná ginmhilleadh
  • Léirigh don Náisiún nach bhfuil an 723,632 dínn a vótáil i gcoinne an dlí éagórach agus barbartha seo imithe in áit ar bith is go leanfaimid orainn ag seasamh ar son na beatha agus i gcoinne an ghinmhillte.

#aisghairman36ú #seasaimidarsonnabeatha#seasimidlemáithreachaaguslinbh #slógadharsonnabeatha Tá DO chabhair ag teastáil ón Ollslógadh: Bí i dteagmháil linn más féidir leat cabhrú in aon bhealach.

  • An bhféadfá bus a eagrú i do cheantar féin?
  • Postaeir a chur suas, billeoga a thabhairt amach nó glaonna ghutháin a chur?
  • Ócáid tiomsaithe airgid a óstáil, postaeir a dhéanamh nó má tá aon smaointí eile agat téigh i dteagmháil linn!
  • Bí i dteagmháil ag : Cuir riomh phost ag info@thelifeinstitute.net nó cuir glaoch orainn ag (01) 8730465 nó cuir teachtaireacht nó Facebook ag facebook.com/Lifeinstitute.

Tá Ollslógadh Ar Son Na Beatha eagraithe ag Institiúid na Beatha, Beatha Mhuirneach agus Cosaint na nÓg Le tuilleadh eolais téigh chuig www.rallyforlife.net



Zostały jedynie 3 tygodnie do soboty 1-óstego Lipca, gdzie prosimy o dołączenie się do tysięcy innych ludzi którzy będą stać za życiem w największym w Irlandii jedno rocznym wydarzeniu we wsparciu do praw człowieka do życia KAŻDEGO czlowieka ; w szczególności tych najbardziej najmniejszych i niewinnych ze wszystkich- nienarodzonych dzieci. Przyjdź na marsz, ponieważ żadne głosowanie, żaden akt rządu nie może usprawiedliwić prawo do zabjania dzieci. Przyjdź dla lepszego powołania dla matek i ich niemowląt. Marsz dla Życia jest po to aby wznieść nowe pokolenie aby zawsze wspierali prawo do życia, każdego człowieka. MARSZ DLA ŻYCIA, 1 LIPIEC 2022, GODZ.14.00 DUBLIN, PARNELL SQUARE, IRLANDIA PRZYPROWADŹ RODZINĘ I ZNAJOMYCH. TO WAŻNA WIADOMOŚĆ, PODAJ JĄ DALEJ.

Rally for Life is supported by:

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  • Divine Mercy Conference
  • Donegal Pro-life
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