Each year, the Rally for Life is the biggest pro-life event. It’s also met with little coverage from the major media. In response, the Rally for Life will produce a film from a compilation of amateur March for Life footage. If you plan to attend the March as an individual, with a church group or other organization, please document your experience and allow us to share it with the world.

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WHO: YOU (the pro-life movement)

WHAT: A campaign by the the Rally for Life to unite the pro-life movement by creating a documentary from clips by pro-lifers across the nation preparing for and attending the the Rally.

HOW: Take footage with your camera or phone and send it to us at info@rallyforlife.net. If you have high-res footage, we can take uploads by FTP and we will discuss that with you when you email us.



  • Footage of you and/or your friends looking into the camera (either individually or as a group) and saying, “I am pro-life.”
  • Footage of you and your friends briefly saying why you are pro-life or why you are attending the Rally
  • Behind-the-scenes footage of you and/or your group preparing for/attending the Rally. This can include footage of creating signs, your bus ride into Belfast planning meetings. Have fun and be creative!!

DEADLINE: We will begin compiling videos as soon as the March finishes. Please send your footage no later than 10 July 2014. We will publish the finished video online!

LAST REQUEST: Please tell your family/friends to submit their footage too by sharing this release via Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and other social media mediums.

rally_2007 cheer

DISCLAIMER: By submitting video, each participant agrees to the Rally for Life’s use of participant’s information and video footage. Each participant also agrees that he/she originally owns all rights to his/her video. The Rally for Life does not guarantee the use of every video submitted.

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