Now heading into its 15th Year, the All-Ireland Rally for Life is a national yearly event. It’s a family-friendly rally that is a celebration of the pro-life message. The day begins with music, song and inspiring talks, and face-painting! This is then followed by the March which ends with speeches and music. It is an organised walk through the busy city centre of Dublin or Belfast (and more recently Cork City), witnessing to shoppers and members of the general public. We need you to be involved! 

The event which you have supported and helped grow for almost 15 years is going to get bigger and even better, with a Rally Festival for Life taking place each year.

It’s so important to have one national, united, major pro-life public event each year, and it’s wonderful that the Rally for Life is supported by so many local and national pro-life groups. Now we’re going to reflect our affiliation and friendship with the international marches for Life by ensuring that the Rally for Life Festival continues to include the March for Life Ireland as our central event every year.

As you know, this year’s Rally took place online and was a huge success/ Some of the things that really stood out and that we wanted to continue when the Covid restrictions lift include:

  • Hosting local rallies BEFORE we get together for the big march for life in Dublin
  • Having a whole festival of events including pro-life films, a youth conference and a vigil
  • Continuing our co-operation with the international groups as we are linked together by our national marches for life

Although we’ve always marched for life at our annual event, it’s always been known as the Rally for Life. Having a moving event, actually marching rather than simply gathering in one place, is important as it gives additional visibility and colour to the biggest pro-life event of the year.

So from now on the entire Festival of events (the conferences, the vigil and more), will be known as the Rally for Life Festival – and the actual march, which will, as always, be held on the first Saturday in July, will include the March for Life Ireland.

Be part of it! Together we will rebuild a culture of Life.

#rallyforlife #marchforlife #whywemarch

Get involved, Volunteer!


Message of the Rally

The All Ireland Rally for Life is the largest annual national pro-life event in Ireland which seeks to protect the right to life of every person. It does not espouse any other cause or platform and the organisers ask all participants to participate in a spirit of generosity to unborn children and women with unexpected pregnancies.

We ask all those in attendance to support the aim and message of the day. With that in mind, we ask that materials and leaflets pertaining to other causes, events or organisations are not distributed on the day.

The Aims of the All Ireland Rally for Life are:

  • To CELEBRATE life and the message of life
  • To RAISE AWARENESS of the hurt and damage that abortion causes to women, families and society
  • To UNITE all the pro-life groups and individuals working in Ireland so we can become one voice, as together we are stronger
  • To help BRING AN END to the greatest violation of human rights in history

The Rally for Life is supported by:

  • Bunclody for Life
  • Cork Life Institute
  • Donegal Pro-life
  • Dun Laoghaire Pro-life
  • Dungarvan for Life
  • Every Life Counts
  • Family & Life
  • Fingal for Life
  • Gianna Care
  • Kerry Life and Family
  • Laois for Life
  • Leitrim for Life
  • Life Institute
  • Limerick for Life
  • Louth Pro-Life Network
  • Our Lady of Guadalupe Pro Life movement
  • Precious Life
  • Pro-Life Trust
  • Pro-Life Wexford
  • Stanton Health Care
  • St. Joseph’s Prayer Group
  • Tipperary Pro-life
  • Tyrone Pro-Life Network
  • Waterford for Life
  • Youth Defence
  • Youth for Life NI

Here’s some ways YOU CAN HELP right now

  1. Adopt the RALLY HEADER as your FACEBOOK page
  2. Adopt the TWITTER HEADER on your TWITTER account
  3. TWIBBON up and add the Rally twibbon to your FB and Twitter profiles
  4. If you manage a GROUP OR CAUSE on Facebook, please share the March Video and Alerts
  5. If you are on a parish or church council, include the rally in your bulletins and website
  6. Hand out LEAFLETS for the Rally, (yep, we’ll give you the leaflets)
  7. Pin a POSTER on a notice board in your Church or Community group
  8. VOLUNTEER before and during the Rally, we need all hands on deck!
  9. Be there on the day and ask others to come!
  10. Share the Rally YouTube Page and the latest Rally Promo:
  11. Promote the Facebook page among your friends:
  12. Follow us on Twitter:!/therallyforlife
  13. Sign up for our EZINE and keep in touch


TWEET and use HASHTAGS before, after and during the rally

#rallyforlife #WeStandForLife  #savelives




Get involved, Volunteer!


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