March for Life Around the World


March for Life USA

Thousands of Americans took to the streets in Washing D.C. on Friday 20th January to take part in the first post-roe March for Life, sending a message that they will continue in their fight against abortion until it becomes unthinkable.

Image credit: March for Life via Facebook 

March for Life Paris

20,000 people Marched for Life in Paris on Sunday 22nd January to oppose to current push for assisted suicide and euthanasia.

Image Credit: Right to Life UK


March for Life Virginia

Another March for Life took place in the US in the state of Virginia on Wednesday 1st February, where thousands gathered to say Virginia is for Lovers of Life!

Image credit: March for Life via Facebook 


March for Life Vietnam

Pro-lifers in Vietnam gathered together to March for Life, standing as a witness to protect the most vulnerable from abortion.

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March for Life Romania and Republic of Moldova

The annual March for Life in Romania and the Republic of Moldova took place on Saturday 25th March, holding events in 1,100 localities across the two countries and called for a more pro-life future by urging pro-lifers to held mothers in an unexpected or crisis pregnancy.

Image Credit: Ionuț Stoica via Marșul pentru viață

March for Life Belgium

More than 800 people took to the streets in Brussels on Sunday 2nd April to be a witness to their belief that every person is unique and irreplaceable.

Image credit: CLARA Life via Facebook


Course for Family and Life Peru: 15th April

One hundred and twenty thousand people joined a celebration for family and life in Peru on Saturday 15th April to affirm, promote and protect the value of every person and every human life.

Image credit: Corso por la Vida y la Familia via Facebook

March for Life Brisbane

Pro-lifer Marched for Life in Brisbane on Saturday 22nd April to be a voice for the voiceless, raise awareness of the anti-life laws and to support pro-life organisations.

Image Credit: Cherish Life Facebook

March for Life Mexico

Approximately 25,000 pro-lifers came together on Saturday 29th April to March for Life in Mexico, calling for an end to abortion and for real support to be given to women and their unborn babies.
Image credit: Pasos por la Vida via Facebook 

March for Life Rome: 20th May

Members of an Italian pro-life and pro-family organization marched in the “Demonstration for Life” May 20, 2023, with a banner saying “There’s life in the mother’s womb. Let’s care for it. #stopabortion” / Daniel Ibanez/CNA

March for Life Austria 13th October 2023



On Sunday the 16th of January 2022, thousands marched through Paris to highlight the country’s extreme and cruel abortion laws

USA: Washington DC

22 January 2022, it marks the somber 49th anniversary of Roe v. Wade, a case that has led to the death of over 63 million lives in the U.S., broken millions of hearts and families, and created a culture where life is seen as disposable.

KENYA: March for Life

6th of March this year, Kenyan pro-lifers held their March for Life in Nairobi

PERU: Lima

On the 26th March Pro-Life March for Life in Peru Brings 10,000 People to the Streets of Lima in Defense of the Unborn

Belgium: Brussels

The BELGIAN March for Life took place on the 24th April, bravo!

Zagreb: Croatia

The Croatian March for Life took place in Zagreb the weekend of 14th May. It was the 6th annual march for life to take place in the capital

Rome: Italy

The March for Life through Rome happened on weekend of the 21st May. Crowds increasing year on year


UK: London

Brilliant day for March For Life UK


USA: Washington DC

It’s held on the 22 January every year, and grows year on year!

USA: Walk for Life West Coast San Francisco

Paris: March for Life


Thousands marched for life in the last weekend in April 2021


USA: Washington DC

It’s held on the 22 January every year, and grows year on year!

France: Paris

This year’s Marche pour la vie took place on the 23rd January in Paris!

Peru: Lima

Marcha por la Vida in Lima, Peru is held at the beginning of March and is one of the biggest pro-life marches in the world!

UK: London

The March for Life UK is a yearly event, started in 2012. This year it was held in London on the 11th May


US Cities: Chicago, Dallas, Florida

On the weekend of the 14th January, several cities held their own March for Life. The main March for Life was on the 27th January. Los Angeles and San Francisco each had their March on the 21st January.

Washington, DC, USA

On Friday 27th January, thousands marched for Life in Washington DC.

Birmingham, UK

On the 21st May, thousands marched for Life in Birmingham, UK

Berlin, Germany

On the 16th September, Germany held its annual March for Life!


Buenos Aires, Argentina

National March for Life was held on the 27th September in Buenos Aires, the capital of the South American country, Argentina




Washington, DC, USA


The Annual March for Life was held on the 22nd January. It is the largest and longest running March for Life in the World!


San Francisco


On the 23rd January, thousands marched through San Francisco for the Annual March for Life West Coast


Ireland – Munster


On the 27th February, the regional March for Life was held in Cork City, Ireland where crowds exceeded all expectations!




On the 12th March, hundreds of thousands marched through the capital city Lima in one of the biggest colourful March for Life!



On the 26th March, several rallies for life were held in various towns and cities through the two countries, Romania and Moldova!


Czech Republic


On 2nd April, over 7,000 marched through the capital city, Prague!



march for life brussels 2010 i

Belgian pro-lifers took to the streets of Belgium on the 17th April in their annual march for life!



On 23rd April, thousands of Mexicans marched through the streets for life and against abortion


Thousands marched for Life in the South American country, Colombia, on the 7th May


On Sunday, 8th May, up to 30,000 marched for life in the Italian capital, Rome. It was the 6th Annual March for Life which has seen year on year increase in the numbers attending. READ MORE HERE


On 12th May, over 20,000 turned out for Canada’s annual March for Life in the nation’s capital, Ottawa.


The Annual March for Life took place in Birmingham on the 15th May. Speeches included a young mother whose baby was saved from abortion because she stumbled accross the March for Life the previous year! READ MORE HERE


On 15th May, Over 200,000 Poles marched in various towns and cities in Poland calling on a ban on abortion.


The very first ever March for Life was held in Croatia on Saturday, 22nd May! Up to 7,000 people marched, according to police estimates.


Over 7500 people marched for life in Germany on the 22nd September



Thousands marched for life in Australia on the 8th October 2016




Record numbers showed up for the Annual March for Life in Washington and year on year increase on marches all around the USA from San Francisco, to Dallas to Chicago.



Half a million people marched through Lima in a massive show of solidarity with the unborn child and its mother. Again year on year increases in this annual march for life!







Over 40,000 people marched through Paris on Sunday 19th January 2014!



The Annual March for Life in Washington was held on Wednesday 22 January and saw hundreds of thousands of people march on Washington despite bitter weather conditions. Similar marches were held in Dallas, Chicago, San Francisco and in lots of other cities throughout the USA


Similar marches were held in Dallas, Chicago, San Francisco and in lots of other cities throughout the USA

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The Annual March for Life in Washington was moved to January 25, 2013, to accommodate the Presidential Inauguration. It had record numbers with estimates as high at 600,000.



Annual March for Life was held on Saturday 24th March 2013 with numbers up again on the last two years!



The Annual Canadian March for Life was held on the 9th May in Ottawa. A record-smashing pro-life crowd of 25,000 that swamped Parliament Hill to demand justice for the unborn. Organizer of the event Campaign Life Coalition (CLC) estimated the number to be a 25 percent increase from the previous year.


The 3rd March for Life in Italy took place on Sunday, May 12, 2013 in Rome to a record number of 40,000 participants.


Up to 35,000 evangelicals and Catholics took to the streets of Cochabamba, Bolivia in late August in solidarity against the possible decriminalization of abortion, making the march the largest pro-life demonstration ever in the South American nation.

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On Sunday, 22 January 2012, record numbers of pro-lifers turned out in Paris to march against abortion.

katie at paris march for life

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The 39th March for Life was held in Washington, DC, on 23 January 2012. A cold rain greeted the tens of thousands of March for Life participants but that didn’t put a damper on their spirits. Hundreds of other March for Life’s were held in other states and cities across the USA.


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The French March for Life was held on 23 January 2011 in Paris drawing over 40,000 participants. The Paris March for Life (Marche pour la vie), is an annual demonstration protesting abortion held in the French capital in late January, close to the anniversary date of the 1975 law that legalized abortion in France. The event was created in 2005 by several French pro-life organisations to commemorate the thirtieth anniversary of legal abortion. It defines itself as non-denominational and non-partisan.

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The USA March for Life is held on the 23 January every year to commemorate the Roe v. Wade decision. Estimated numbers for 2011 were close to 400,000!

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The Australian March for Life was held on the 12 February 2011

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The Belgium March for Life was held in Brussels on 24 March 2011

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See photos of Irish participants in the Belgian Rally 2010

See photos of Irish participants in the Belgian Rally 2011


In Madrid on Sunday 28 March 2011, an estimated 150,000-plus pro-lifers gathered to celebrate life and protest a new abortion law. Hundreds of others marched in over 80 Spanish cities, including Barcelona, Oviedo, Zaragoza and Las Palmas, and internationally on March 25 as part of recognition for the International Day of the Unborn Child.

See photos of Irish participants in the Spanish March for Life October 2009


March for Life Ottawa 2011

On 12 May 2011 Parliament Hill, well over 15,000 Pro Lifers from across Ontario and Canada descended on Parliament Hill to witness to the dignity of the unborn child and call for the nation’s politicians to respect human life at its most vulnerable stages. The march drew 15,000 people


Read an account on the Canadian March for Life 2011 here


The Italian March for Life took place in Rome on the 25 May 2011. The Marcia per la Vita 2011 took place on May 22, tracing a path from St. Peter’s Square to the Italian Senate in protest against the killing of unborn children, legalized by lawmakers 33 years ago. Pope Benedict XVI issued a warm greeting to members of the pro-life movement the day of the march.

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The Swiss March for Life took place on 17 September 2011 in Helvetiaplatz, Zurich

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The German March for Life took place on 17 September 2011 in Berlin

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Marsch fuer das Leben. Kaleb.


The Dutch March for Life took place on Saturday, 10 December 2011.

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